So typically Indian…

The girls will never tell the guys they love them, no matter how deeply they do!

It’s commonplace for them (Indian girls) to say you are their “best friend”, their “crush” and that they will want to stick with you for life!


This claim might not be universal or even true, cause I have never been to India and all the Indians I met are not more than twenty (20)!


I have watched countless Indian movies and currently involved with an Indian girl who I believe loves me more than she wants to admit and no matter how hard I tried, she refused to say the “I love you” (831) phrase! She said I am her friend for life, that she doesn’t want to ever loose me! How can I be wrong to believe this to be a typical attitude of Indian girls in love?

I may be wrong or right with my assertion or assumption, but I seriously want to be right, because I like the girl and if I am wrong, it simply means the Indian girl truly wants me to be nothing more than her friend!


She said arrange marriages are common in India and may likely be her fate as well, which makes the likelihood of marriage between me and are to be impossible!

What if the gods have willed it for us (me and her) to be united in matrimony?

She Loves Me!

I think she loves me because I have crossed the border line severally, daring her hot temper, but she keep tolerating and giving me the impression that I am special and she cares so much! She even sang a song in her native tongue for me and keep teaching/wanting me to know the Hindi dialect!

Do you think she loves me?

Are Indian girls shy or scared of saying the “I love you” phrase?

Is this in truth a typical attitude of Indian girls?

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