This is an entirely new feeling for me, being loved by a superstar! What exactly is a superstar?


A superstar is a star that is superior than all the others within the same galaxy as itself and often used to describe humans that have excelled in various disciplines, but most commonly among artists, especially movie actors, usually referred to as “stars” cause they are seen to shine in their field as such! A star is a pure natural existence, thus anyone referred to as such is a person that has no “defects”, an excellent human.

Because a star is accumulated dense light, it is impossible to hide it and whoever is involved with a star became an exposed person!

I am in love with one such creation.

Umaima Khalid

I don’t know or care about anyone’s view, but I am certain my Umaima is a “SUPERSTAR!” I do not understand why I have to feel the way I do for her, but I know that we both love each other so much!

It will be easy to understand why I feel the way I do when one meets her. The feel of the taste of her voice, the way she smiles, the love and tenderness she exudes, she is so powerful and caring, such an angelic girl!


I want her to be in my every dream, cause I desire to love her forever!

Beauty is everything! Sure, Khalil Gibran is right when he wrote somewhere in his book “The Prophet” that;
“We live to discover beauty, all else is a form of waiting!”

Was I not in truth waiting until I discover Umaima? She is the personification of beauty, both within and without…

I was only existing, but now I have every reason to live, Umaima Khalid!

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