Is it possible to love someone and still make your feelings or the affair (if there is a relationship) secret?

If there is no doubt about the love you have/feel for each other, why would you be secret lovers? Probably because you don’t want anyone to share in the beauty of what you feel, or taint it with unnecessary gossips, envy, jealousy etc?

If you have as much as four years to lie low before you will make a public declaration of the music in your hearts, can you be able to wait that long? What about being faithful, are you equal to the task?

It is said that love is very powerful and capable of enduring anything, be it pleasures or hardships! No matter how long or whatever obstacles there might be, love will always stand the test of time, if it is “true love”!

If love is pure and true, can it remain hidden?
What about the peace and warm aura radiated whenever you are together, can people ignore it?
What about those smiles that appears on your face whenever you see your beloved? How can you hide that?
The sparkle and radiance in your eyes when you are together can never be missed!
The tones in your voice, though almost always a whisper can be picked and understood by just any ear!
How possible can love be secret?

Love Is Like A Goldfish!
It may be possible to hide one’s feelings, but that will be only for a time, especially with emotions such as love which we have no control over! Love directs our paths, guide our thoughts and does nothing that is not of itself!
Whatever efforts we make to conceal it, like a goldfish, love can never be hidden.

Secret Lovers?
There is no such thing as secret lovers! You are either in love, or you are simply in a sexual affair and intend to conceal it, which is very possible!
When you love someone or are in love and try to hide it, you are only wasting your effort and time, cause the emotions you feel, which is pure, can be felt by third parties and will be as visible as a bold writing on a wall!!!

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