The Aryans!
Is there really a superior race?
Those truly created in God’s image!!
Blessed forever according to the order of Melchizedek…
They get the best out of life
Effortlessly always on top of everything…
What about us, other races?
They said blacks are fit only for slavery
A curse?
Where is the place of agape?
The masters…
Honored beyond dreams…
Even their dogs don’t eat the crumbs of their table…
When it becomes unfit for human consumption…
When it became poisonous to them…

It turns into food for the lesser ones
What an act of benevolence…
They will accept a price for what will destroy us…
Is this mercy or love?
Such an evil act…


Who are the Aryans?
Germans, Jews, Indians, or everyone excelling in what they do?
Could be a reference to supreme ideology, or abilities…
Still, every man wants to play God when opportune
If life is a circle
How long will it take the revolution to rest the golden side on my race?
Am I really smiling?
There are no masters
There are no slaves
Only weaklings slowed by the deception of illiteracy and gunpowder
Who is working up now?
No race is superior than others!!!

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