There are four gods and one goddess in the myth of  the guardian gods of Kaltungo, my homeland.

Kolwi the twin brother of Kunlung is the eldest among them. He was a sorcerer and loved pure magic, that was why he declined to be the leader at the time they appeared among our people. This god has an affinity to things that grow, with more interest in  “trees”.
Kolwi had a magical instrument, the “Nbikum”, a flute crafted from the stem of a certain tree that appears only at noon and midnight, and after an hour it disappears and reappears again same time everyday. The tree grows among dense foliage usually by the river bank. His flute is the only of it’s kind and the day he crafted it, was after an unusual meditation which lasted thirty days in the underground waters of  “Takirya” his famous meditation and resting spot. The Nbikum is capable of so many things, when the proper sound is produced. Whenever Kolwi wants to bring forth a new tree, all he does is to blow the Nbikum, creating appropriate music for the size, fruits and medicinal values of such a plant as he desires. He can even create a forest by blowing the flute for a time, making random notes.
After the conquest of the land, Kolwi chose the district of Ture, east of Kaltungo as his territory because of Takirya/Lapandtun forest, which was his haven of magic before the occupation. When the people eventually settled in the land, all newly born twins were taken to Takirya and thrown into the waters, as they were believed to be evil. They chose Takirya because of the many dense trees and fast flowing streams, as all evils are always thrown into rivers/streams for the waters  to carry it where it belongs or exposed to strong winds to blow it away. The people however were not aware of Kolwi’s connection to the place, until he formed the powerful cult of Sassa and also gave the place a name. Kolwi goes to Takirya to harvest the powers of the twins, an act that made him so powerful that there was none on earth like him at the time. He became the leader of all sorcerers and magicians, as well as the chief priest of the entire Chiefdom, thus also bearing the title “Mai”.


At the age of seventy, like the other gods, he died. On the day, at exactly twelve noon, he was at Takirya where he stood naked on a gorge and blew his Nbikum for seven hours. On the hour, the flute melted into flames and rose to Avalon. He stood there for more hours willing and transferring his powers to all the trees in the Chiefdom and by midnight, he turned to flames and disappeared from the earth. All the plants and trees in Takirya and Lapandtun have extraordinary healing properties to this day because of that last spiritual exercise of Kolwi’s. After every seventy years, his spirit visits the land and stays inside a particular tree, “The Pid Kunji” for a while, during which he will renew the powers of all the medicinal plants and trees. The Pid Kunji is located at the royal settlement of Potur. The reason why he does this is because at the time he left the earth, there were not many diseases, since he knew that the world will continue to grow and new diseases will spring up, he felt it a duty to be boosting the plants to tackle such.
In his days, he made sure that several trees had tremendous nutritional and medicinal values. The”Pid Labele” is one such tree. It can be found in nearly every household in Kaltungo Chiefdom. It is used in preparing soups, salads and other delicacies, it’s use in medicine is unrivalled. There are other trees like the Pid Kanje, Landongdong, Wulot, Twaali, Kwalak, Nbirbir etc. All these trees Kolwi gave more medicinal capabilities, such that they have more healing capacities than same types in other lands.
Before his departure from the earth, Kolwi left a legacy of powers that is evident today in Ture district. Access to his particular form of magic is through the  “Sassa” cult which he created. Initiation into this cult is by way of an esoteric dance that only those with the powers are capable of. Once you are able to perform the dance, it means Mai Kolwi has chosen you and then you will be taken to Takirya where a special ritual will be performed first by you for the members of the cult and then by each of them for you. The rituals involved serious sacrifices.
He was also the custodian of the famous mythical stone that is believed to have led the people throughout all their migratory stages. He was particularly fond of the stone because of the magical powers it is said to possess, as it was the guidance equipment they had during their sojourns, with the stone pointing the directions they were to follow. When all their journeys are finished, Kolwi buried the stone by magical means in a small hill after Pandi on the way to Awak. The stone is still magically protected by the Sassa cult.


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