It is fun, a game of sorts.

The idea came from Oreofe when in one of her blog post’s comments, she wished for (someone) to write her a love letter. Having been around when it (love letters) was the “trend”, I decided to write one for her and after doing so, an idea occurred to me!

Oreofe’s blog post is;

“On short forms and why they disgust ME!”

In “those days”, I have written and received tons of love letters, most of which I still have. Those letters used to be cherished documents that contained a lot of literature, sincerity, lies, but most importantly creative fantasies which Oreofe made me to see a “harmless” but mischievous possibility in suggesting that people should start having “LOVE LETTER (LOVERS)” and make sure that;

A. At no time must the relationship be consummated outside the letters they will be writing each other.

B. Even if they meet either accidentally, or by reason of common interest, they must not relate with each other in romantic context.

C. They must try to avoid meeting each other physically, if possible, they are not to ever meet while the love letter romance lasts.

D. All their romantic liaisons must be through the love letter medium.

E. They must never contact each other on phone to talk, but SMS and all forms of chatting that involves writing is allowed.

F. It is OK to be involved with someone you already know, but all your romance must be limited to the lines of your love letters.

G. No use of “short forms in all the letters, except for signatures (I am sure Oreofe will approve this part!).

Consider This;

1. The game might not be in vain or a waste of time, cause it involves active fantasy.

2. There is always joy in reading a well worded letter from a loved one.

3. You will have the opportunity for an extra smile, each time you read the letters.

4. Your creativity will improve, cause you will have to think of the proper words to use, when writing the letter.


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