Oh, that us mortals shall be enabled

This is wisdom

In understanding death lieth our understanding of life!

What happens when the last breath is drawn?

Is it not another form of higher existence?

There is never a last breathe…

Nothing has ever ceased to be

In our deeper sleep, our spirits are lifted loftier

Enabling the body to shed off the old skin for new ones…

Thus rather than dying, we transit in new bodies!!


What fills the earth other than our dreams and the fulfillment thereof?

Is change not life’s constant?

Has love ever ceased to be?

From one moment, we move to another

All in the patience of God’s tender heart


We wail and we cry when a dream is advanced…

Is transition not the ecstasy of our desires for perfection?

How be it can we in so scanty an exposition be exalted without death?

Are not all fantasies fulfilled in the freedom of our naked spirits?


We yearned for eternity and unending light

We pray for bliss and moments of glory

We seek to sing love songs from dusk to down forever without an inkling of sorrows

We want all our flowers to smell sweetly fresh as if spring will not go anywhere…

Where else is the gateway to heaven?

If we fear the depths of the night and refused to go to sleep

How do we awake to the endless seas of the West and its awesome adventures?

Truth Of The Matter

Don’t we all dread the silences of the deeper night?

The young and old

The wise and foolish

We all tremble and hide, the moment twilight looms…

Our ignorance is our folly…


If only we will understand the mind of our maker

Whose breathe is in us and why so

Perhaps we may learn to let go and let God…


Our perfect state is the pure spirit in us

Refined by life and lifted to glory in death!!!

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