She has no ties or any link with Japan, nor does she has their features or resemblance, it’s just that I keep thinking, or want her name to sound like a Japanese one, not that I know the language either!

I am fighting the urge, struggling with my feelings. As much as I want to, oh, how it screams within me, wanting to burst my heart! I wish I can pour it all out to her, telling her how dearly I loved her, to express the depths of my passions for her!

How can I?

We are just barely getting acquainted, although we’ve always known each other from a distance.

I have to take it steadily, one step at a time…

Can I be able to wait through the process? It’s as if another will take her away, before she yields to my deceits! (I have to pretend that I am a Prince!).

And this is not saying anything about the person in her heart. What will be of him?

I want her so much, I truly do and I don’t care what happens to whoever lives in my heart or hers! Hearts ought to be broken oftentimes, to make them stronger…


My heart tugs, trying to lie to me about her body language and her smiles whenever I talk to her. She probably also…

Why would she not let me see her eyes? If only they could lock with mine! Will that not spark off the flame? How sweet the chemistry will be can only best be imagined!

What shall I do, when I am able to conquer her feelings?

Ask me not of such things…

Can you not see the brilliance in the light of the sun when dawn breaks?

Or do you wish for me to reveal the magical beauty of a starry night?

Has it not occurred to you that my Japanese girl is a final of dreams, the very best that ever shall be?

When the day cometh…

I shall love her forever…



Image is not mine, I tapped it from Google!!

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