Where the victory of light over darkness is celebrated!


This post is dedicated to my Indian friends and Hindu adherents all over the world.


Today 21st October 2017, will be the last of the five days long Diwali festival, an Indian national Hindu celebration, tagged the “Festival of Lights!”.

Each day has a special feature and today’s own is the “bai doj”, the highlights of which is the celebration of love between brothers and sisters.

The festival is usually celebrated on the 15th of the Hindu month of Kartika and falls same date in the Gregorian months of either October or November.

The Deepavali(rows of clay lamps) or Diwali festival’s main day of the celebrations is on the third day, where homes and surroundings are lighted with diyas(clay lamps) and beautiful displays of fireworks and cracking of crackers are made! The deities, Lord Ganeesha and the goddess Laksmi are specially worshipped on this day with sweets and flowers, in the evening. Visits are also made and gifts exchanged! Everyone is expected to wear new clothes to symbolize abundance and prosperity!

My Prayer

“May this symbolic celebration turn into universal reality and this year’s event be the beginning of a new dawn in the world, where all humans will see light out of the darkness that has held our earth captive, through the universal release to all, the blessings of Lord Ganeesha (knowledge and intuition) and unhindered access especially by the poor, to the bounties of the goddess, Laksmi (money and properties).

May all the gifts and prayers offered to the god and goddess be accepted and may they (the supreme deities) use all the powers they can muster to give our universe a continuity of their virtues, so that every day, all people all over the earth shall be flexible in knowledge and be able to wear new clothes and have no limitations to choice meals, thus freeing our universe of illiteracy, hunger, disease and poverty!” Amen!!!



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