“A Clue To Writing A Historical Background”!!


Do you have, or know your family tree?

What is the name of your family?

Who are you?

What is your real identity?

Do you have pride in your background? You ought to, unless if you don’t know where you are coming from!

What is your idea of a family? What makes a family powerful?

What legacy do you desire to leave behind for your family, even those yet unborn when you leave this world?

If you think you have failed in life, or you have retired and are satisfied with life as it is, have you documented anything about your roots?

What do you know about your family background?

If you can’t write down your family history, at least you can write your family’s tree, but if you want your descendants to start counting their roots/generation from you, it is OK not to do anything and ensure that your wards do not use surname!

Surnames are very important, cause it helps an individual to have an idea of his/her lineage beyond the immediate nuclear limit. Ensure that your wards always uses it(surname), cause you never can tell. Make your own surname to be the one your child uses, so that a generation of not less than three families will be established!

Family Tree
A family tree can be developed up to the limit of available information and posted online under the family domain name, or another domain and accessible to search engines without difficulties.

It is not difficult to create a family tree. You can do it and when you are done, save it to the cloud, or create a blog/website and post it there, making sure to use the right keywords and the ‘post’ lengthy enough for it to be indexed by search engines, so that at any given time, your family members and descendants can access the information on the net. If you can not be able to start a blog or website, contact any history or general purpose blog to post it on their site for you, which will cost you a little amount of money, worth the trouble, cause the moment the post is indexed, it will never be lost and will become a reference, not only for your family, but the general public!

If you have a standard family tree, your descendants will have a sure identity and will always be proud and confident of their background!

The Tree


To create a simple, but standard family tree, you can start from three generations after you or even beyond, if you can have access to the necessary details. Some of the information you need include;

Nationality, Tribe, Hometown, Clan
Languages spoken
Family Name
Great grandparents names and their siblings with birth details if available
Grandparents name and their siblings with birth details if available
Parent’s name and their siblings and birth details if available
Your name and date, with place of birth
Marital status
Name of spouse if any, and tribe as well as family background I.e. names of parents and immediate siblings and other necessary information.
Names of siblings, including birth details.
Number and names of children, stating marital status of each, including birth details.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional to do it for you!

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