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About Damianix
Damianix is an internet compliant educational package that simplifies a lot of tasking educational functions both for the teachers and students and also covers every administrative need of any school at all levels. Exams, tests and assignments can all be done in the simplest most conducive online atmosphere using Damianix!

The package is versatile and can be used by corporate entities for monitoring employee activities and performance as well as making seminars and workshops, easy and exciting!

Damianix is simply an e-learning platform that allows the user to manage online trainings and efficiently ensure that students and employee’s skills remain up to date due to the following features
E- Assessment
E- Lesson Planner
A- Absentee Report e-form

The package covers all areas of;
Students Affairs
Extra Curricular Activities

Note: you can introduce as many clients as you are able to and with each introduction you will get a commission of 20% of the price for the package, which is $800!
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For full details and a video demo of the package!

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