I know that what I feel for you is love, or better said, I’m in love with you. Yet, I also desire your friendship and I will not want my feelings to negatively affect my desires. If I should make a choice, I will want you to be my friend, because I have nothing more than the broken and tired pieces of my heart, to offer as a lover. I know in your friendship, I will enjoy your quiet peace. Your easy and gentle way of doing things, your sweet calm voice, will easily blend with my frustrations as a healing tonic. I shall be able to offer my shoulders to you anytime you need it, because they are still strong!


A friend is an elixir of life, and that is what I desire you to be to me, for I truly need an endless vein of sublime sustenance!
The peace and comfort I feel whenever I’m around you or when we are together is awesome and fulfilling, that desiring more than it could be folly.


I know that love is everything and the greatest and only commandments, linked to it. With it’s beauty and promises, love is complex and complicated, it’s emotions too wonderful!
I believed you can never be a friend to a person you do not and can’t love, because friendship is truly about tolerance and sacrifice, the two acts being only a portion of what to give, when giving love.
My fear of love is because I am weak and tired, even forlorn. I am incapable of giving what love demands, yet like in a bargain store, with a purchase and a little mending, the clothes can be almost as good as new, so I might be too!


I am different from you and we both have our temperaments.
When eventually we became friends, everything else can follow. Whatever different colors our emotions will exhibit, it shall be swallowed in what we shall give each other, and if our destinies (if it exist) are linked, one day on a certain starry night, you will lay in my arms and we will listen and act the lines in a certain song that says “…tonight I celebrate my love for you…and the midnight stars are gonna come shining through…tonight, we will go discover, how friends turn into lovers”!
What do you think? Are we now friends?
Just awesome!!!

This thought is dedicated to the person it is meant for!
If you have similar feelings or emotions towards someone too, I guess you have dedicated it to such a one already!
Easter Mood!

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