Often, we do bad things not because we want to, but because at that time, it(bad) seemed to be the best or only available option, which makes the act situational.

Poverty, which in truth is the state of a mind is the major cause of compromise when it comes to taking difficult decisions.

All wrongs should be forgiven and no punitive measures taken whatsoever, cause the actions of man are not without reasons and justly so, for there are unavoidable situations that necessitated the actions!

Those who see the wrong or bad in others, how perfect are you?

Whatever your condition is, do not ever forget that it can change and turn you into the bad guy, and the one you were standing in judgment against, becoming the judge!

No condition is permanent and all our bad acts lessons of life that could perfect our future, under the patient guidance of time!

It is improper to take or derive pleasure from doing bad things.

When a bad thing is done not as a means to an end, but as an act of pleasure, it becomes a negative psychological problem and should be treated as an illness that requires immediate attention!

Always perform your actions based on your conscience…

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