I wanted this to be anonymous, to nobody in particular, but that will be a lie and although a lot of people loved to be lied to, I think you deserve to know that I sometimes feel

You often think of me as a pest, a bore!

I do not care what your feelings for me are, and although it is true that I fell in love with you the very first time I saw you, I have no desire to hold you to task based on that, for love must be freely expressed and where it is not reciprocated, it simply means it has not found one of the partners worthy of itself at the time of giving!

My feelings for you are pure and real!

I want you to know that you will always be on my mind because you have done a lot that deserves my appreciation.

I can start counting, but the ones that stood out are when

You stood by me when no one wanted to stand, cause you believed in me!

You wanted me to succeed because you felt I could.

…and although I could not reach the stars, I joyously went as far as the moon.

In my joys I remembered how

You inspired and gave me strength!

How just thinking of you, I would write a poem or a song!

What would I not want to do for you?

Like Celine Dion, I will carry the rock of Gibraltar just for you, pick it like a pebble from the beach and toss it to the wind!

Perhaps you do not desire for us to be lovers, and as much as I will do anything so that we could be, I truly don’t care where or for who your heart beats!

I know I love you and until you realized and accept it, please know that I sincerely appreciate you, so I say

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