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Apart from visiting bloggers, Jerry Peri is the sole contributor of all articles on this blog as well as the administrator. He is a published poet with several books to his credit , some of which are, “Heart Dreams”, “That Other World”, “Kilang”, “Why Cry For the Child”, “Of The Things We Think Say Or Do” and other publications. He is also a farmer and lives in the city of Kaltungo in the North East of Nigeria.

The blog offers love poems for free from the works of Jerry Peri. Sensational poems will be posted as often as possible, with the hope of promoting love poetry as a means of bringing peace on Earth.

People that have relationship problems can visit the love clinic on the blog for private consultation. All issues discussed in the clinic will not be public, they will be limited between the client and Mr. Peri.

Current political issues will be discussed and analysis pondered. Where necessary an open debate will be allowed. However abusive language and negative critism will not be tolerated .

From time to time essays and commentaries will be rendered on lifestyle and social issues with particular relevance to poverty, war, education, drugs abuse, prostitution, human trafficking and healthy living.

Overview of the arts. Paintings, drama, music, dancing, and theatre will be discussed and analyzed.

Short stories, mostly true life and a few fiction will be featured occasionally to rouse the conscience.

There will be occasional interviews with celebrities, politicians and individuals that performed extraordinary feats.Exchange of blog activities with other bloggers will be done on the blog.

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